Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cherokee Indian Legends of Fairies and Red Haired Women

Cherokee Legend of Fairies and Red Haired Woman

 Another god invoked in the hunting songs is Tsu´l’kalĂ»´, or “Slanting Eyes” (see Cherokee Myths), a giant hunter who lives in one of the great mountains of the Blue Ridge and owns all the game. Others are the Little Men, probably the two Thunder boys; the Little People, the fairies who live in the rock cliffs; and even the De´tsata, a diminutive sprite who holds the place of our Puck. One unwritten formula, which could not be obtained correctly by dictation, was addressed to the “Red-Headed Woman, whose hair hangs down to the ground.”

Cherokee's Bee-hive tombs, legends of fairies, giants and a religion based on the supreme sun god are all very similar to Scottish legends.