Giant Nephilim Skeletons Found In Kentucky Burial Mounds

      Kentucky is rich in Adena mound builder remains.  Conical mounds, hilltop enclosures and various earthwork designs were once numerous in the State. Also numerous are the historical accounts of giant human skeletons.
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Counties of Todd and Christian Kentucky,
Historical and Biographical, 1872
    There are numerous mounds in Todd County, but to which of these classes they should be assigned it is difficult to determine from the meager accounts to be gained of them. But one or two have been examined, and these with insufficient care. Skeletons of extraordinary size were found, the skulls of which were passed over the head of the large man, and rested easily upon his shoulders.

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky, History of Kentucky, Lewis Collins, 1874
Ohio County
Simpson County
Antiquities-A Giant-From a mound on the farm of Eden Burrowes, near Franklin, were exhumed, in may, 1841, at a depth of over 12 feet, several human skeletons. One, of extraordinary dimensions, was found between what appeared to have been two logs, covered with a wooden slab. Many of the bones were entire. The under jaw-bone was large enough to fit over the jaw, flesh and all, of any common man of the present day. The thigh-bones were full six inches longer than those of any man in Simpson County.  Teeth, arms, ribs, and all, gave evidence of a giant of a former race. Around his neck was a string of 120 copper beads, and one beads of pure silver, all perfectly preserved. Another skeleton, of smaller dimensions, had around his neck a string of ivory beads, about 100 in number. The string, which had held the beads, was still apparent, though time had destroyed its consistence.